Supported Software

A/WWW Enterprises supports a number of open-source software packages. You can download them from


Isite2 is a text search-and-retrieval package. It was originally developed by the CNIDR group at MCNC in Research Triangle Park, NC under a grant from the National Science Foundation intended to support the development of open-source implementations of Internet standards. It is currently used and supported by the Federal Geographic Data Clearinghouse ( and maintained by A/WWW Enterprises. Isite2 includes a full-text search engine (Isearch2) and both CGI and Z39.50 interfaces.

Download Isite2 from /Software/Isite2. The most current source distribution is usually called Isite2-current.tar.gz. Binary distributions for MS Windows and a variety of flavors of Unix are available there, as well.

GeoNetwork + CSW 2.0.2

Under contract from the Open Geospatial Consortium, A/WWW Enterprises modified the GeoNetwork geospatial portal and catalog software from the UN's Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) to serve as a reference implementation of the CSW (Catalog Services for the Web) version 2.0.2 protocol for catalog search and retrieval. The original implementation was done on the GeoNetwork Final Release v2.1 and is currently being merged into the development branch of GeoNetwork.

Download the reference implementation of GeoNetwork from /downloads/Software/CSW-2.0.2

The installation guide for the CSW reference implementation is also available here.