Archibald Warnock
16510 Abbey Drive
Bowie, MD 20715

Phone/FAX 410-923-1009
E-mail: warnock <at> awcubed <dot> com


Mr. Warnock is currently owner and sole proprietor of A/WWW Enterprises, a consulting company established in 1994, specializing in the design and implementation of network-based information systems, metadata, search technology and online data systems.Mr. Warnock has over 20 years of experience in electronic publishing, digital libraries, digital preservation, scientific research, data archiving and image processing and standards-based network tools.In recent years, Mr. Warnock has been involved with intellectual property and distribution issues related to technology in the music business.

Fields of Specialization

  •   Network-based client/server applications, including
    Geospatial metadata clearinghouse and distributed information services
      Data archiving and distribution
    Web technologies
      Electronic publishing

  •   Requirements gathering and analysis, high-level system design, system prototyping and development

  •   Internet and Geospatial metadata standards

  •   Full-text search and retrieval

  •   Data and metadata modeling, definition and validation

  •   Senior level, team-oriented leadership and technical consulting with customers and other stakeholders


Ph. D. candidacy, Astronomy, Pennsylvania State University 1982
Master of Arts, Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University 1978
Bachelor of Science (cum laude), Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University 1975

Professional Background - Archibald Warnock III

Senior Software Developer

January 2015 - present
ADNET Systems, Inc., Lanham, MD

NASA Ozone Monitoring Instrument
Software developer for the production processing system of satellite data; Convert graphics software for earth-based data display from IDL to Python; Maintain and update perl data applications, shell utilities and JavaScript programs.

Consultant (self-employed)

September 1994 - present
A/WWW Enterprises, Crownsville, MD

Projects and Clients include

CEOS WGISS Integrated Catalog, NOAA, Silver Spring, MD
Open Geospatial Consortium, Wayland, MA
National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
Federal Geographic Data Clearinghouse and Geospatial OneStop, U. S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA
Domain Name System Case Management System and Intellectual Property Digital Library, The World Intellectual Property Organization, Geneva
Astronomy Software Documentation System, Space Telescope Science Institute, Baltimore, MD
The African Virtual University, The World Bank, Washington, DC
Electronic Patent Application Filing System, U. S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, DC
NASA ECHO and Catalog Interoperability Projects, SGT, Inc., Greenbelt, MD
Electronic Journals Project, American Astronomical Society, Washington, DC
NASA Planetary Data System, Department of Astronomy, University of Maryland
Electronic Journals Project, Elsevier Science Inc., New York, NY
Director of Internet Design, Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine, Warrenton, VA
NASA Guide Distributed Search System, Raytheon Technical Services Company, Lanham, MD
Advanced Search Facility, Pilot Research Associates, Vienna, VA
Distributed Network Tools Support, Clearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval, Research Triangle Park, NC
NASA Global Change Master Directory, Hughes STX, Lanham, MD

Principal Programmer/Analyst

October 1993 to September 1994
Hughes STX Corp. Lanham, MD

  • Task Lead, Global Change Master Directory
  • Head, Information Systems Development Section, National Space Science Data Center

Principal Programmer/Analyst

May 1992 to September 1993
Hughes STX Corp. Lanham, MD

  • Lead Programmer, STELAR Project, National Space Science Data

Principal Programmer/Analyst

July 1991 to April 1992
ST Systems Corp. (now Hughes STX Corp.) Lanham, MD

  • Lead Developer, CD-ROM Production, NASA Climate Data System/Goddard Distributed Active Archive

Principal Programmer/Analyst

June 1984 to June 1991
ST Systems Corp. Lanham, MD

  • Task Leader, International Halley Watch

Principal Programmer/Analyst

July 1989 to June 1991
ST Systems Corp. Lanham, MD

  • Co-Investigator for Target Acquisition, Goddard High Resolution Spectrograph (GHRS) Science Team

Professional Associations and Service

American Astronomical Society
Astronomical Society of the Pacific
Mathematical Association of
NASA/FITS Technical Panel (Data format standard development) (until 2004)
Advisory Panel, UN/WIPO Intellectual Property Digital Library (2001-2002)
Z39.50 Implementer’s Group (Search/Retrieval protocol standard development)
Local 660, American Federation of Musicians
International Bluegrass Music Association Leadership Bluegrass Planning Committee

Systems, Languages, Architectures

Languages & Databases: Python, perl, XML, C, C++, Java, PHP, IDL, Fortran, Forth, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Configuration management: JIRA, Bugzilla, Confluence, git, subversion
Frameworks: Django, JSP, JQuery, Seam
Content management: Drupal, WordPress

Operating Systems: Unix (Linux , Irix, SunOS, Ultrix, Digital, Solaris, HP/UX, DG/UX), MS-DOS, MS Windows XP and NT server, MS-Windows (3, 95, 98, 2000), VMS, RSX-11, RT-11

Architectures: SGI, Sun, DEC Alpha, DECstation, VAX, PDP-11, Intel 80x86, Macintosh

Professional Recognition & Activities

  • Reviewer/Contributor - Encyclopedia of Graphics File Formats, O'Reilly & Associates
  • Contributor - Internet Secrets, IDG Books
  • Profiled in The Internet For Everyone, McGraw-Hill
  • Invited Speaker at Workshop on Information Retrieval and Resource Discovery, Magee College, University of Ulster, Ireland

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